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Complete PD Online Learning Series

The Complete PD Online Learning Series includes a library of courses and progress monitoring checklists for educators and administrators. PD sessions are designed for individual or group use.  These relevant topics are research and evidence-based.  All of the sessions include complete toolkits with step by step facilitator manuals and staff handouts.  Easy-to-follow downloadable guides, essential questions and staff surveys are included and will encourage collaboration, accountability and unified conversation in your building or district.

6 Module Video Training Course
Growth Mindset 
  • Understand what it means to have an open growth mindset
  • Encourage open mindset with staff 
  • Encourage open mindset with students 
  • Explore and build effective teacher Mindframes (John Hattie) 
  • Understand that we learn from failure
Learning Climate 
  • Create a positive building climate
  • Create a positive classroom learning climate
  • Combat negative energy 
  • Build strong relationships
  • Use feedback to guide changes in climate
  • Implement targeted Instruction
  • Assess students according to mastery of standards or learning targets 
  • Use data to guide Instruction and Intervention 
  • Implement formative practices 
  • Implement high impact strategies (John Hattie)
  • Utilize standard or targeted assessment
  • Monitor the progress of mastery 
  • Simplify formative assessment data
  • Differentiate according to data
  • Change current practices as a result of current data
  • Utilize flexible grouping 
  • Document mastery of standards or learning targets 
  • Explore a variety of ways to manage differentiation within the classroom
Sustained Support
  • Design support around identified goals for staff and students
  • Monitor growth
  • Identify needs
  • Revisit topics
Who uses this Course?

Teachers use Complete PD courses to independently learn or advance instructional practices. Essential questions are completed and provide accountability for growth plans. Free resources and progress monitoring forms are provided as downloadable for classroom use. Teachers appreciate the ability to explore differentiated topics that are relevant and self-paced. Increase educator effectiveness with customized PD, reflection surveys, goal setting and sustained support.

Administrators and Coaches use the online courses to as collaborative tools for staff meetings, independently assigning courses to specific teachers, or as a guided learning experience with all staff. Engage staff with digital options or Flipped staff meetings. All of the handouts and essential questions are provided for leadership teams and facilitators. Impactful PD for the year is planned for you and ready to implement.

School Improvement Teams use the research based sessions that directly align to their school improvement grant initiatives. District and building goals are incorporated in the instructional growth framework. Short term and long term PD and RTI/MTS consulting and planning is provided at no additional cost. Complete Pd toolkits ensure that all district staff is talking about and working towards the same the essential goals. Personalized learning plans are available for teacher, schools or districts.

Complete PD provides a unique approach to professional development
Membership gives you access pass to all of this
  • 1-5 year Complete Professional Development Plans
  • Self paced Professional Development Plans
  • Engaging and Interactive
  • Affordable - cost less than the average cost for one professional development seminar
  • Unlimited access to entire library for a full year
  • Provides progress monitoring forms and documentation for collaborations
  • Evidence based strategies
  • Practical and Relevant topics
  • Aligned with SIG goals and systematic framework
  • Entire Session Prepared for you
  • Ready to implement
  • Includes all handouts, surveys, essential understanding questions
  • Audience: Administrators, Leadership teams, Instructional Coaches, RTI
Keynote & Coaching
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Keynote Speaking
  • School Improvement Planning
  • Teacher & Leadership Support
  • Coaching or PD on Waiver Days or During School Hours
  • Free District Consultation
  • 1-5 Year PD Plans & Materials
  • Plans Can be Customized and Aligned to RTI Work, School Improvement Plans and Grants

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